Living room theaters – you knew it was coming

You have to admit you saw this was inevitable, it was just a matter of when.

Movie theaters provide the thrill of a large screen, a first-run movie, the buzz of a live audience and the satisfaction that you ‘went out and did something’. Home theaters now have terrific picture and sound (how many of you traveled out to watch the Superbowl on your friends’ HDTV?), with the comfort of more sophisticated food and drink during the movie. It was too logical that the two would eventually merge

Presenting Living Room Theaters in Portland, OR. The multi-entertainment cinematic destination features:

– Six theaters ranging from 38-64 seats, with a total of 307 seats, and all-digital screens 21 feet wide and 18 feet high;
– 50-person restaurant and bar, with roll-up garage door that completely opens to outdoor cafe seating;
– Large, home-style-theater recliners with loveseats in between, as well as in-theater table dining, accommodating drinks and appetizers from the restaurant.

The key here though is, can I see over the person in front of me? This was the death knell of a similar concept called Visions in Washington DC, with a flat floor, and whose seats didn’t accommodate food/drink from the restaurant.

It should be no surprise that such an innovative, social-oriented, and green-building-designed venue has a co-owner like Felix Martin who values the indie artists, “This project comes out of our heart, to be able to do what we dearly love. In Portland there is a large contingent of independent filmmakers, and we will be trying to show their films in our venue… the films that never get seen, but are worthwhile.”

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