So how would you describe the ‘cool town’ community?

We’ve gone through a series of very practical, tangible descriptions, profiles and case studies of the creatives, open source communities, and placemaking, but what’s missing perhaps is a more philosophic, abstract description of what kinds of communities this all represents.

For that I present the definition of open creative communities by Mark Kuznicki, a researcher, writer and strategy consultant in the areas of creative industries, economic development, innovation and cultural policy. Read his description here, including the definitions of ‘creativity’, ‘innovation’, ‘community’ and ‘open’.

One succinct excerpt of what an open creative community provides: “…a future where every individual has the power and ability to discover his or her creative passions, and to resolve their multi-dimensional identities into a coherent whole through their interaction in open community with others.”

This is the basis for why we’re about to see some of the coolest neighborhoods ever built, or should I say, manifested. The open creative community exists virtually in every region, it just takes the right physical environment to actually see them, and for them to see one another.

Image: Chinatown, Singapore

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