Redefining the routine business meeting

When you live in a cool town, this is how you have your business meetings.

Hey, it’s not called the Conference Bike for nothing.

It’s probably the only way to have a meeting, exercise, and get outdoors at the same time. 7 people share the pedaling, while one steers. It’s got some heavy-duty specs, including Porsche rack-and-pinion steering and automotive disc brakes, so the rental rates aren’t cheap (up to $20/person/hour), but as far as providing a one-of-a-kind kinetic meeting experience, it’s priceless. It’s definitely build a sense of teamwork.

As those associated with the bike know, you can’t ride it without smiling… and frankly, that’s what cool places are all about aren’t they? Every town should have one of these, and maybe someday they’ll replace a minivan trip or two.

Check out the video, I assure you that it’ll put a grin on your face :)

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