If your business is looking for cool space…

You ought to look at the newly published Cool Deals Report: Capturing the New Market in Urban Commercial Real Estate, “to learn what the most innovative companies want in an office and how urban and walkable communities provide it.”

If you’re in Pittsburgh, you should call the publisher of the report, Cool Space Locator, a nonprofit commercial real estate service that seeks out cool space for small and growing businesses, with cool space defined as “commercial real estate in walkable urban neighborhoods, where sidewalks and a traditional street grid promote pedestrian travel and urban density.”

Based on their database of 500 Pittsburgh companies seeking ‘cool space’, here are a couple of findings from their report based on businesses they’ve placed:

– The businesses with the most placements are: Communications, Advertising/Marketing/Media and Information Technology.
– 92% of all companies were previously in urban settings
– 40% were female-owned (national average is 28%)
– 94% leased
– Typical employment size: 3-5 persons, overall cool space market
– Average office size: 1865 sf, overall cool space market

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