A third place on steroids in Brooklyn

“It’s not home, it’s not work. It’s that other place. It’s your space.

That’s the theme at Retreat in DUMBO, Brooklyn NY, and it’s not an exaggeration…

5000 square feet. Free wifi lounge. Coffee bar (Coffee Box). Art gallery. Restaurant and Bar (reBar). Community tasting market (mid ’07). Those are distinct places with their own unique names, not one venue calling itself an art gallery coffehouse restaurant because it serves coffee and has art on the walls. Not only that, reBar just won Timeout New York’s “Best New Bar of the Year.” Of course, there’s live music, an organic menu selection, and it’s open until 2 am on weekdays, 4 am on weekends.

What’s the secret? Veteran readers know it starts with the VIBE

“My name is Jason and I’m the founder of Retreat. When I discovered DUMBO one thing struck me as terribly strange. Where was the common space? Where was the meeting place? Every community should have one such place and it was nowhere to be found. That’s why I made the Gallery and free WiFi Lounge the hub of Retreat. It’s always there, it’s always free, and it’s always yours. Finally. A place for us.”

Thanks to Maxeme at Chicamala Productions for the reference – shouldn’t be a surprise that they do MTV promo shoots.

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