Old UPS factory turned new award-winning lofts

No, this isn’t a good example of housing that ‘normal people’ can afford, but it is a touchstone model for transforming a neglected warehouse into an inspired destination. It goes well with the stylish coffeehouse presented yesterday, and sets a good benchmark for what humanistic 21st Century design could be.

Formerly a UPS factory built in 1936 (see image to the left), the building was renovated into what is now a fresh, contemporary, new residential community, known as the Flower Street Lofts. Opening in 2003, the 91 lofts sold out quickly, being that they were among the first new loft residences, and first new downtown residences in Los Angeles in decades.

Now, if someone can just figure out how to make these sharp-looking developments financially attainable. Smaller units than the minimum 1300 s.f. is a start.

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