Kitchen trends of the future? Look in the mirror

What are the kitchen trends of the near future? Who better to ask than Susan Serra, renowned CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer) and editor of one of the best/only kitchen design blogs around… and yes, she has a Manhattan apartment, so she knows a thing or two about creative urban.

From her blog, her answer starts out with, “It used to be that a trend would be so blindly followed, really blindly. I see the internet as being responsible for this sea change.

She sees images of people’s own kitchens on blogs, mini websites, Flickr, and message boards as trend seeds, “I also see the distinct possibility of consumers making their own trends, as they communicate with others [via images] online. The viral power of a good idea going from one to another, until it becomes something significant, perhaps a movement. Trends coming from all of us rather than from corporate powers. Hmmmmmmm….

I think trends will be less powerful overall, the individual expression more important, and the human spirit will become more exposed in kitchen design and planning. Me, I think it’s about time…”

So, for those who still insist on knowing what urban design trends will come as a result of this self-expressive movement, Susan continues…

“I also see people becoming more comfortable with simple, soft, and not so soft, contemporary styling. This style, or any, would feature an increased interest in textures. I think we can finally begin to see a “less is more” understanding and appreciation.

As a result, I see less trend following and more confidence in following one’s own sense of style. I see more of a confidence in exploring and using new materials and new ideas, based in part, on the power of social networking.

As a secondary result, I think people will be comfortable to be more eclectic in their styling of the kitchen, to move toward fun, different, and WOW, to even make up their own style, and to put more of themselves into their kitchen. More soulful touches in terms of bringing in meaningful objects, “living room” objects, to “soulify” the kitchen.”

Soul. Now there’s a word you don’t see associated with kitchens too often… yet.

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