Does your workplace have a slide?

Yours would if you worked at Red Bull.

Last week, in How ‘play’ is going to shape our communities, we touched on the growing interest in using the motivational methodology behind ‘play‘ as the motivational infrastructure behind both education and work. Hey, if it works I’m all for it – anything other than sitting in a room with 100 other people being lectured to death.

I’m not sure the Red Bull headquarters is what they had in mind, but I can guarantee you this – there are a lot more people out there who have the same opinion as the person who posted a blog called I want to work for Red Bull, stating “I’m convinced that I’d perform 100% better in an office space like this. If anything I’d never leave the office and that would be what doubles my productivity.”

As you can see in the images, there’s not only a slide (talk about a pick-me-up when things are mundane), but a cafe and a meeting table that hosts a spontaneous game of ping pong – which by the way, is insanely popular nowadays at hangouts.

There’s no coincidence that the theme of the workplace, like the drink itself, is designed to stimulate the body and mind. Who wouldn’t want to work where that’s the underlying philosophy of the company?

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