An ongoing list of programs protecting creatives from gentrification…

We know more than enough stories of creatives being priced out of the neighborhoods they helped revitalize, but what about examples of how they’re being protected?

Bookmark this page, and I’ll keep it updated with city programs to support creatives. The list to date:

City-led programs:

Portland, OR amended its housing regulations to enable artists to live, work and sell under one roof.

Toledo, OH put in place tax-abatement incentives for developers who lease space to artists and nonprofits.

Boston provides affordable-housing set-asides for artists in public-private projects and zoning to allow live/work spaces in industrial, commercial and residential districts.

Community-led programs:

San Francisco – The Mission Yuppie Eradication Program (remember, this is San Francisco we’re talking about) made chain stores uncomfortable about moving into SF’s bohemian Mission district (pictured). The Gap and Starbucks abandoned their plans as a result.

Know of any others? Please provide comments (and ideally links) and I’ll add them to this list.

Image source: dougvansant

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