A truly triple bottom line third place

A lot of businesses like to call themselves triple bottom line (economic, environmental and social accounting), but one third place that’s 3BL without question is the White Dog Cafe in downtown Philadelphia.

The evidence starts with its extraordinary owner, Judy Wicks, who not only founded White Dog, but she is also the co-founder of the national Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) and founder of the local Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN). You can read about her endless accolades here.

The restaurant organizes its people/planet/profit principles based on following four areas:

White Dog Cafe, Philadelphia, PA

Serving Our Customers
– Prepares highest quality fresh ingredients in a warm, friendly atmosphere, provides a full slate of educational programs and fun events…
Serving Our Community
– Sponsors volunteer efforts, 10-20% of profits are donated to nonprofit White Dog Cafe Foundation, matching donations…
Serving Each Other
– Offers interest-free computer loan program, matching employee 401K, living wages
Serving Our Environment
– Buys from local organic family farms, uses alternative energy, reduce, conserve, recycle, educate…

I was fortunate to be able to dine there last fall, and it certainly lives up to its reputation.

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