So you want to stay in the heart of London for $50 a night…

This is how to do it. Think of the micro compact home (pictured), mc-h for short, as the Smart car of homes. For more practical living, check out the MINI Cooper of homes.

As you can see by this graphic, household size is dropping dramatically, and with that comes a migration back to city centers from suburbia where people no longer need all that space (and isolation). As the hyper-popularity of places like London, Paris and Manhattan make it near impossible to find affordable places to stay or live, perhaps smaller quarters is a viable option for people who spend most of their time out in the city anyway.

First of all, if you’re out of college or making a good salary, there’s no reason to read on without getting offended, but at 76 s.f., you can fit 25 of these in the average-sized American home, or ten of these in the average hotel room suite with kitchen. It comes with two sliding tables that seat up to five people, a bunk bed, shelves and drawers, TV, stereo, bathroom, shower, drying area and kitchen with microwave, fridge/freezer, sink, waste unit, and work surface.

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