Beta community to own profit-based shares

For all that time you invest in helping choose the next American Idol, popularizing a book on Amazon via a review, or educating the world by updating Wikipedia entries, what’s your reward? Many of us do it because we feel like we’re making a difference in something that strikes an emotional chord. Well, what if we strengthened that emotional chord, greatly augmented the community difference you’d make, and financially compensated your valuable time as well?

That’s what a beta community (future tenants/patrons partnered with an investor to carry out their collective vision) in Washington DC will enjoy, and rightfully so. Profiled at their first meeting a few weeks ago, the Washington DC beta community’s first goal is to establish the greenest, healthiest, most innovative, community-oriented, educational cafe/bar/coffeehouse in the city, the kind of third place they’d want to frequent two to three times a week. The group (40 members and growing) and business owner/investor recently took a major step forward, agreeing to a share-based system:

Participants earn shares for attending meetings, summarizing what they said at those meetings, bringing others to the meetings or to join the group, and other result-based tasks that are also based on talent, as the needs arise. Sometimes needs such as identifying the business name or finding a location (paid in addition to the broker) are paid in cash, though they can also be paid in shares. These shares do not equate to ownership, but to profit-sharing on a weighted basis. For instance, for every 1000 shares the group earns, the business owner will profit-share 1% (up to 10%, maybe more), weighted to individual contribution once a minimum is met.

The group’s third meeting is on May 21st in Adams Morgan at the Affinity Lab – click here to join the group if you live in the area and are interested in attending.

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