Main streets go virtual to serve local community

We all know serves the world’s goods, but how about if you just wanted to buy online from local neighborhood shops? Not only that, but what if delivery was free?! Well Pop to the Shops is another one of those ‘it was a matter of time’ services, though only in the UK.

What are the benefits to the consumer?
– Most local shops are open fewer hours and days, so this expands their hours to 24/7.
– Buy from all the stores in the neighborhood and pay once.
– Indie stores offer many items unavailable in chain stores or online, as well as items you would rather have delivered rather than shipped.

How does the Pop to the Shops make money?
They charge merchants 10-15% commission, which is pretty decent considering they wouldn’t have to spend anything on marketing.

What are the benefits to the neighborhood?
– Economically speaking, a lot, as you can find out here – local stores give back 70% more to the community than chains.
– Culturally, it helps create more revenue sources to keep the unique indie stores around.

Image source: maody

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