Smallest coolest apartments 2007

Each year the innovative folks at Apartment Therapy award the smallest, coolest apartments across the country, and now around the world. Now when they say smallest, they really do mean smallest (ie some winning pads are 300 s.f.), but they also hold true to being utterly cool as well.

First place (top image), London – This tiny 300 s.f. residence won for its adaptability to different uses, moods. The kitchen and work areas can actually be concealed! Notice how the tops of the chairs fit right into the table to provide more room. The unit has an outside balcony with table and chairs, and overlooks an outdoor green worthy of a small palace.

Second place (second image), Santa Monica, CA – This was a favorite for how the home owner utilized daylighting, warm colors and textures to make her home seem much larger than its 294 s.f. size – and that’s with a living room, bedroom, bath, and kitchen.

Third place (third image), Canal Street, New York City – Higher ceilings and a larger footprint of 462 s.f. make this loft seem spacious compared to the other two, especially given a view of its kitchen and dining area. Notice the work den with the bed above it, and the smart use of an all-white theme that makes the place
seem brighter yet still welcoming.

Fourth place (bottom image), New York City – This one’s best left to the homeowner to describe, “I like to think of my space as a very well appointed hotel suite. Situated in an old hotel, it has a bedroom, living, and office area as well as a bar in under 300 s.f. A cohesive color palate anchors the areas, keeping the space clean and organized with out feeling cluttered.”

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