CoolTown Studios featured in Architect mag

I guess it’s not a coincidence that the architecture magazine Architect, where you’d most likely find case studies of the kinds of buildings profiled on this website, would feature this site in its pages.

The new periodical has a regular column called Screen Capture (pictured) which highlights architecture-related websites, and CoolTown is presented in its June 2007 issue here.

My favorite part was being asked about the future role of architects, especially regarding how they relate to crowdsourced placemaking and beta communities, though it’s a little surreal quoting myself on a blog…

“So what can architects do to help? ‘There’s been a bar-raising movement of people working and building things collaboratively,’ says Takemoto, who would like to see the profession become more engaged in teaching the public about the principles of good design. And beta communities offer designers a direct connection to urban dwellers. ‘I think if architects take the charrette approach and apply that to [individual buildings],’ he says, ‘and developers hire these architects to help transform the beta communities’ ideas [into reality], I think that’s how you innovate.'”

Thanks to editor Braulio Agnese for writing the article.

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