The Adams Morgan video

If you want to get creatives excited about moving to your city, well yes, you need a city for them to get excited about. But after that, you need a video that captures the emotion of the creatives who already live, work and play there… and love it.

Here’s such a video from Adams Morgan in Washington DC, probably the most diverse neighborhood in the city, and one of the most international restaurant corridors anywhere. It also profiles the members of the Affinity Lab co-workplace, which leaves you with a strong impression of what progressive entrepreneurs need to thrive and grow.

From the producers, who shot the film for an Ikea Small Business Big Dreams competition:
“When most people think of Washington DC, they think of lobbyists or politicians who have no idea what people really need to realize their dreams and aspirations. While we won’t comment on that, it’s not at all the inside story of Adams Morgan, a diverse, vibrant neighborhood here in DC. Many people in this community choose to leave behind what doesn’t work about their lives, their work and their world, take matters into their own hands and become entrepreneurs of one sort or another – not just for themselves but for their community. This is our story.”

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