Growing small businesses with the wind

When one thinks of wind energy, especially via those massive wind farms, small businesses don’t necessarily come to mind. That’s changing very quickly in more ways than one.

First, a clean energy broker/aggregator, Clean Currents is making it easy for small businesses to switch to wind and other renewable energies (solar, geothermal) by linking them to the best ‘green power’ prices, often lower than standard rates! Clean Current locates the electricity provider offering the best deal. They get paid a 1% commission by the power provider, and the only difference the business will see, other than the savings, is a notation on their same exact electricity bill that lets them know their dollars are committed to clean green power. Local, indie businesses have formed consortiums with long term deals to get even better rates, as described in more detail in the NY Times.

Second, it won’t be long before the streets in front of these businesses will be illuminated by ‘Light Winds’ (pictured), manufactured in Germany.

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