Beta Communities seeding in many cities

Here’s a rundown on the progress of Beta Communities in cities across the country:

Washington DC

– A VIBE beta community to crowdsource a progressive new downtown restaurant, (since named Elements) now has 108 members and counting five months into the process, and it doesn’t even have a location yet (somewhere around 14th and U Street) . In the meantime, the beta community has convinced the business owner to grow from 1000 to 3000 s.f.; to go vegetarian, organic, local farm-oriented (except coffee I suppose); green; open kitchen (similar to the image); and offer a full slate of education, community and entertainment programs committed to making an impact, yet having fun at the same time. Read more about in this Washington Business Journal article, and if you live in the Washington DC and feel you should be a part of this, you can join the group here. Better get a passport, as we’re looking into a trip to Nicaragua to experience the rustic shade-grown, organic, free-trade coffee culture and economy.

– In Anacostia, a Building Beta Community has just been initiated to crowdsource a two-story, 14,000 s.f. shell of a building into a green, health-oriented mixed-use building of forward-thinking retail on the ground floor, and residential units above. Anacostia is an economically-challenged neighborhood that is slowly turning the economic corner, but has yet to boast that inspiring destination to get its former creatives to move back. Also, because many of those cultural entrepreneurs have left, we’re looking to work with Howard University’s most recent alumni about designing this building just for them. The focus here is about growing a strong African-American economy and culture, Anacostia’s heritage, and if you’d like to participate, you can join the effort here.

Keep up with and discuss all the Beta Communities here.

More cities in the next entry…

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