Will Liverpool create musical history again?

On one hand, you’ve got Liverpool, the home of the Beatles. On the other hand, you’ve got Elements, the first beta community to crowdsource a restaurant, and in Syracuse, the first beta community to crowdsource a building for artists and musicians. What happens if you combined all three?

You’d then have the Liverpool Cultural Cafe, a nonprofit-initiated bistro by day, bar by night third place to develop local musicians and other artists. The kicker is that not only is the project crowdsourced, but it’s crowdfunded. The goal is to raise $1 million via 25,000 crowdfunders contributing $40 each, who in turn as investors participate in the design and development of the cafe. The ultimate goal is to invest in a tangible vibrant future for Liverpool’s creative culture.

Founder Mark Bowness, who started other crowdfunding ventures (for bands and an eco-community in Fiji) felt it was time to focus locally, “After learning about the cultures of Fiji, after bringing employment and investment to that area, I became passionate about doing the same in my home city.”

Perhaps one day the city will be known as the genesis for another musical revolution.

This is definitely one we’ll be tracking!

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