Cool towns need a Linus Torvalds/Steve Jobs combo (2 of 2)

To recap the previous entry, Linus Torvalds galvanized an army of people to co-develop a superior ‘program’ called Linux, and Steve Jobs is able to interpret people’s values, principles and stories into stunningly designed products like the iMac and iPod.

Now, what if you combined the efforts and applied it to creative real estate development? You’d get a community of profoundly satisfied people committed to, entirely proud of, and inhabiting the phenomenally-designed place they help build. If you followed Torvald’s footsteps and crowdsourced a significant number of people to co-develop the ‘program’ of tenants and patrons for a business, building or block, then assimilated Steve Jobs’ skills and were able to interpret that collective program of tenants, patrons and their stories… you’d be able to transform that body of knowledge and emotion into extraordinarily designed ‘products’, namely as business and residential interiors, building exteriors, public spaces and the user experiences that go with them.

There are such development and business leaders undergoing that process right now – to create in the emotionally-driven manner and prolific effectiveness as Torvalds and Jobs – as profiled here and here. They are crowdsourcing the most progressive talent to define the very kind of place that inspires them, and will then work with the best design talent to execute that in the built form.

Coincidentally, the Linux mascot’s nickname is the same as mine. Hmmm.

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