A model within a model of sustainability

Sweden’s Bo01 development, aka City of Tomorrow, is designed to be a model urban village of sustainability for 1000 residents.** The 27-unit Tango (pictured) was designed to set a standard for the rest of the development.

The centerpiece of Tango is a courtyard (see oval) surrounded by a series of transparent buildings. At night, the buildings resemble a collection of colorful internally lit lanterns, providing a warm, inviting atmosphere and a welcoming sense of security.

The 33,000 s.f. building ranges from more affordable 600 s.f. studios (vital to a village that’s already deemed overpriced) to 1950 s.f. 3-bedroom units, and features a long list of green components:

– Photovoltaic roof panels provide heating and cooling.
– Green roofs restore oxygen to the atmosphere.
– Rainwater is recycled and irrigates water gardens.
– All exterior windows are triple-glazed to provide insulation with an energy-conserving layer of Aragon gas.

**Unfortunately the housing prices were too high to attract the types of people that truly embrace ecologically-minded living, as you can read about here.

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