Library 2.0

Based on Project for Public Spaces’ How to Make Your Library Great: 14 lessons from local libraries all over the continent, here are the unique ones that will attract creatives:

1. The contemporary library is no longer a repository for books, nor even just a community center, but also an edutainment center as well. In other words, it doesn’t always have to be so quiet.

2. They act as a town square, hosting concerts, festivals, public markets and other community events.

3. They have a cafe (pictured), ideally fronting the street with outdoor seating. Even better, design a coffeehouse setting with homey couches so patrons feel comfortable staying longer.

3. They provide a small business center helping entrepreneurs start and grow their companies.

Not from the list…

4. Host classes that appeal to the internet generation and/or creatives, such as how to build a blog, edit Wikipedia, produce and post YouTube videos, then have them meet one another to build on that creative energy via…

5. Allow creatives to crowdsource new spaces or programming. By default, this will foster a virtual community that will share resources. They’ll tell you what a contemporary library should be, and for free.

Image source: Library cafe in Clearwater, FL by wanderingone.

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