What does CoolTown do?

I get asked that a lot.

It’s not easy to explain in words, so here’s a visual map (larger one here) that can help provide a big picture answer. CoolTown Beta Communities is the implementation entity of CoolTown Studios, this ‘weekdaily’ newsite blog. The blog itself (and only the blog!) is a free public service (including all 1200+ archived entries) toward building better places to live/work/play. We’re also establishing a joint venture with a change management and viral marketing firm to more effectively crowdsource cool places for creatives.

You can get a better look at and description of the illustrated triple loop diagrams here, which utilize beta communities to provide the blueprints and implementation programs for developing real places.

Note that the ultimate goal is the experience and enjoyment of natural cultural districts, filled with vibrant third places.

The diagram uses a couple of familiar icons, such as Keynote from Apple and Grapevine: The New Art of Word-of-Mouth Marketing, two resources with a lot of cooltown spirit.

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