Does your city enhance work-life balance?

Continuing our happiness theme from the previous entry, here’s one way to look at work-life balance happiness:

“In their interviews and surveys, Nash and Stevenson learned that successful professionals who were also happy had found ways to ‘switch and link’ – to switch the focus of their full attention with lightning speed among activities and people in different realms.

David Zelman, a psychotherapist and executive coach, sees this as a crucial skill successful people must learn. “Can you leave the office in the office? Can you give someone outside the office the same attention you gave your CEO? If you can give your children or your spouse 100% of your attention, even for a brief period, it goes way longer than compromising and giving them some time because you think you should.” Link

If you agree with this, the key words here are: ‘switch and link’ with lightning speed. If you live by this, chances are you don’t commute to an office park or live in a subdivision, which will take you a little longer than lightning to switch and link between work and home. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but at least if you know of any unhappy workers commuting from the burbs to your otherwise happy work-life balanced natural cultural district workplace, maybe this will help you empathize :)

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