London’s three public markets in one

If you live anywhere near Notting Hill in London you may never have to shop anywhere outside of Portobello Road, where the Portobello Road Market comes to life each day. Over a half mile long and closed to cars, it features three distinct public markets:

Monday-Friday, 9am-6:30pm with half-day closing on Thursday, 1pm: Fruit and vegetable market, with flowers and food vendors, primarily serving the locals.

Friday, Saturday, 9am-6:30 pm: Flea market, with a strong emphasis on fashion new and old.

Saturday, 8am-5pm: Antiques market, known as the world’s largest antiques market with over 1500 dealers.

Saturday is the most popular day, with the antiques and flea market running concurrently, sprinkled with unique street performers. The street is also lined with complementary local independent cafes, restaurants, pubs, galleries and shops.

Talk about longevity, the market has existed since the 1870s. Read about its history here.

Thanks to Travis and Andi Joseph for the reference.

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