Austin looks to keep their ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ reputation

How important is live music to the city of Austin? How many cities do you know of that have a Live Music Task Force? Not only that, the city-funded group won’t consist of the usual suspect government bureaucrats, but local musicians, music venue owners and regular music-loving Austin residents – all deciding how to spend the government’s money to keep Austin’s Live Music Capital of the World reputation thriving.

The final report will come in October, but here are the four areas they’re looking at investing in. Cities looking to initiate or grow a music scene should take note:

1. The possible creation of an entertainment district;
2. Establishing building requirements to mitigate sound issues;
3. Providing incentives to redevelop local venues;
4. Developing current and potential programs to assist musicians.

The city’s mayor even recently proclaimed February as Love Austin Music Month, encouraging people to visit their favorite live music venue.

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