Attract more creatives with ‘anchored coworking

Creatives, free agents, entrepreneurs and mobile knowledge workers may be driving the economy, but they aren’t going to be driving to work. They prefer avoiding isolation at home, but there are only so many coffeehouses, and even fewer coworking sites.

One growing source of spontaneous workplaces are anchored coworking sites – coworking sites provided by established companies who not only have extra space, but enjoy reserving it for untethered creatives. PSFK: Trends and Inspiration profiles several such examples in their recent article, A Deeper Look at Coworking.

What’re the benefits of anchored coworking sites?
– For once, it doesn’t take much additional investment or planning because the anchoring firm has already done so for itself (ie general lease, network printer, internet, phones, etc.)
– Second, the anchor company is often open to collaborating with its itinerant tenants, and thus will choose those with like-minded interests – a win-win proposition.
– Third, it’s a heckuva lot faster, easier and much less risky with a more ubiquitous supply when you’re talking about companies with extra desks vs starting completely from scratch.

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