Crowdsourcing + viral loop networks = natural cultural districts

At first glance this may seem like a lot of made-up words, but they’re actually specific terms for solutions to what are known as cloud problems – diffuse and impossible to pin down, requiring “cultural and behavioral change that yields intangible benefits of greater trust, respect, tolerance and social capital. There are no easy answers to complex problems.

Each of these terms were defined separately: crowdsourcing (as it applies to placemaking), viral loops networks, natural cultural districts, and will be used extensively from here on out.

However, here’s a concrete outline to provide the gist of what this equation is. Crowdsourcing is about creating content that people really want. Viral loop networks are the means to replicating it. Natural cultural districts are the result, a complementary collection of organically-created third places, scenes and events reflecting what people authentically want.

Image source: Cafe on La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain by avinashbhat.

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