International Small Cool Apartments 2008

Not to be outdone by the smallest coolest apartments in the U.S. brought to you by Apartment Therapy, here are the international winners:

First place (topmost image) – Nicolas’ Mini Loft, Lille, France, 630 s.f. “I keep things that are useful or important to me, and get rid of the rest : no extra room to accumulate! You feel lighter when you don’t own too much stuff!…”

Second placeAad’s Compact Dwelling (Suitable for Laziness), Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 624 s.f. “This particular apartment I truly love because there’s large windows and light coming from three directions into the room, all windows surrounded by large trees giving you the ultimate tree house feel…”

Third placeMarcus and Mel’s Charming Flat, Helsingborg, Sweden, 715 s.f. “The flat is converted attic space so all the windows are inside these cozy little alcoves. They add lots of charm and architectural interest, not to mention we get lots of sunlight…”

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