The pedestrian lanes of Melbourne [Streetfilms]

As we gradually evolve from an auto-oriented infrastructure to a more pedestrian-oriented one, other of visiting the best examples around the world, a video is the next best thing to experiencing and understanding the appeal of pedestrian-only streets.

Thanks to Streetfilms, a sort of YouTube meets Discovery Channel, you’ll get an excellent feel for Melbourne, Australia’s myriad pedestrian-only lanes in their film, A Pedestrian Paradise in Melbourne. In the 19th century when city planners realized the city’s blocks were too large for pedestrian activity, they began dividing them with lanes, many of which have become pedestrian only. Since then, even auto-oriented streets have been reduced to just one lane for cars, with the other lane transformed into a grand sidewalk for outdoor dining.

As you’ll see throughout the video, who wouldn’t want such a vibrant pedestrian haven, buzzing 18 hours a day and thus creating not only a welcoming, intimate dining and social gathering place, but a very safe one as well.

Distrubuted under Streetfilms’ Creative Commons License.

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