An ‘Unchained’ melody

Next time you’re in London seeking local, independent businesses, or if you’re looking for inspiration supporting such destinations, make sure to peruse the Unchained Guide. The coolest part of this online directory is how you can search for businesses based on the following characterizations: Arty, Buzzy, Classic, Contemporary, Designer, Eclectic, Ethical, Ethnic, Green, Indulgent, Posh, Preppy, Quaint, Quirky, Romantic, Sophisticated, Sporty, Street, Techy, Traditional, Trendy. You’ll find in this interview with the founders that they’re every bit as vibrant and full of character as the businesses in their online directory. Some excepts:

On why Unchained?…
“We think great independent shops are sexy. And just sticking to the same old, big brand, multi-national chain stores is dull, dull, dull.
We love quirk, originality and experiences that come from meeting interesting people… Because they rock. Seriously.”

On the importance…
“…Unchained shops play a massive part in their community too. We wouldn’t want to wake up in ten years time in a world where big brand retailers line our streets and grumble about it. But by then, it will be too late.”*

On where to find them…
“Independent shops can’t pay the rent on the massive streets in this city.”

Still, it could definitely benefit from a Yelp-like user review community, some better images and a means to perhaps allow the community to help the businesses prosper.

*Anyone who’s seen WALL-E will find this particularly interesting.

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