A creative’s night’s stay

If you’re wondering where creatives stay in the city known as the home of the happiest people in the world (Copenhagen, Denmark), it’d be Hotel Fox, no doubt.

In a rather bizarre venture with Volkswagen, an aging hotel was brought back to glorious life by commissioning 21 artists, illustrators, graphic designers, graffiti artists that decorated its 61 rooms in anything from Japanese Manga to neo-Baroque to Pop Art. The rooms come in T-shirt sizes (S, M, L, XL), and savvy guests choose rooms to fit their mood. Of course, you can rent an ipod or a bicycle.

What else can you ask for? It’s also near a train station and at the edge of Copenhagen’s nightlife, plus it’s part of a carbon-neutral program, naturally.

Thanks to Rasul Sha’ir of Vosica for the reference!

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