Williamsburg Walks

Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s main street, is pedestrian-only on four Saturdays from July 19th to August 9th, 2008, noon to 7 pm. Check it out at Wiliamsburg Walks. Those in the know are aware this is a NYC DOT led effort through their streets to plazas program, though heavily supported by the local businesses and residents – some quotes:

“It feels a lot more peaceful, people are spread across the sidewalk and road, vs everyone crammed onto the sidewalk.”

“Definitely good for business, brings people here, now we get more customers, new customers, people try us out.” Erica Goepel, Business manager

“Tables out, people hanging out in the street… fantastic!”

“When they find out it’s just a fair and it’s whatever they want to make it, they get really excited and ask questions. Can I bring a chess set? Can I bring a picnic? The answer is yes, it’s your street, it’s your space, it’s your happening.” Teresa Toro, Community Board

“We hope that the community wants to see it happen again. Whether it happens again next summer or extended… the end goal for a number of us is that it can be done permanently on Saturdays, and then maybe be a permanently closed pedestrian street one day.” Business owner Jason Jeffries.

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