The ‘Affinity Lab’ coworking video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video explaining what coworking means to creatives? There really wasn’t any until this one came along, produced by none other than the pioneers of one of the first coworking sites in the country, the Affinity Lab in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

Founded in 2001, the ‘Lab’ is peaking right now with a full house of entrepreneurs who rent workspaces full time and part time. They’re also one of the first to establish an online social network to complement the robust face-face interaction. They’ll soon be opening their second coworking site in the H Street district, which will be more than twice the size, and the team is also being commissioned by the City of DC to help establish other coworking sites. As stated a few times before, it’s the happy home of CoolTown Studios. Read a bit about the Lab’s history here.

A question the Affinity Lab owners would like to get your feedback on is, as they open more Labs, would you prefer having unique names for each subsequent coworking site, or using the Affinity Lab name? Vote via the link below.

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