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“I want to let you know how inspirational CoolTown Studios has been to me. When I founded the Waynedale Green Alliance in early 2008, your principles helped me form a basis for a wide overview of what a ‘green’ community should look like. Living in the Rust Belt, in a city (Fort Wayne, Indiana) that is WAY behind the curve this is an uphill battle, but with inspirational content and work such as yours it becomes a little easier to shift a paradigm. Just wanted to let you know how important your work is.”
A Brewster Smythe, founder of Waynedale Green Alliance

“First of all, your site and your crowdsource models are amazing! Love it.”
Patricia Martin, author of Rengen: Renaissance Generation

“Neil provides a continual reference point on the web for those wanting to create new living/working/playing places. I rely on the website almost daily for examples of what to do.”
Clay Buell, Developer, Lincoln, NE

“I love your site. I check it out daily, and refer people to it all the time. I have to say that I borrowed many of my ideas from your website, particularly your examples and thoughts on the critical role of community gathering places, so thank you!”
Mara Peluso, Town Center Associates, Pittsburgh PA

“I have just finished browsing your website after discovering it during a late night “place-making” Google-binge session. I am seriously taken with what you guys are doing – the whole vibe is just awesome.”
Brian Linder, Columbia SC

“I just checked out your website and it’s awesome!!!”
Ellie Serras, Ann Arbor Main Street Area Association

“I love your website… I stumbled upon it many months ago, and have since found myself addicted to it. I’ve read all of your postings during my downtime at work, and I check back everyday for updates!!”
Josh Howton, Portland OR

“As always, I am impressed by the breadth and scope of cooltownstudios. I have continually cited this site as a resource for people who are having difficulty understanding the comprehensive nature of creative community development.”
Sandy Maxey, Farmington ME

CoolTown Studios is now the first site that I check every am. I am a big fan of the website. It is a wealth of info.
David Barhorst, downtown developer, Louisville KY

“Your website is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Debi Levine, Principal, Places for People/Communitas T&D, Brookline MA

“I would like to first say that I really love the work that CoolTown is doing. As a recent college grad, and a new urbanist, I think your vision of the future is right on point.”
Mike Lydon, Boston MA

“I just printed the ‘economic gardening’ info from the Littleton, CO home page and the CoolTown homepage to read tonight in anticipation of visits from our state legislators this week who are members of the economic development subcommittees. My eye is also towards using this information with our local economic development efforts. The term ‘economic gardening’ is absolutely delightful and attention grabbing, I love it! I am reminded of the “Industries of the Mind” tagline the Atlanta Chamber had several years ago and the new “Centers for Innovation,” being organized by the state department of economic development. Thanks for steering us to this information Neil. As always, it will be shared with others as I move on my hopes to do more in the area of entrepreneurship, etc.”
Mayor Heidi Davison, Athens GA

“I really like reading your blogger everyday. It’s actually my homepage.”
Youngbin Park, Ithaca NY

“I’ve just spent the past 45 min. cruising through your website, and have to send a compliment. I believe I could spend much more time going through the blogs and possibly responding. However, in several cases … at least the ones that I had the opportunity to read … I think you really have nailed it.”
Kevin Schreiber, York Young Professionals, York PA

“Just wanted to say that i think your blog is great. I wish i had access to this when i was picking colleges and hometowns to live in.”
R Dunbar

“I’m a first time visitor to your site and congratulations! This is a great service you are providing!”
David Beer, President, Yetertec Design Company

“I’m a big fan of your site, issues and interests. The project I am running is designed to bring about positive change in the quality of life by focusing on the principles laid out in Florida’s book, cross-pollinated with new urbanist principles, using Savannah as both a template and a test bed.”
Chris Miller, Executive Director, The Creative Coast, Savannah GA

“I am a 32 year old professional (tax/management consultant) and I recently discovered your website. I do a lot of quiet nodding and my heart pounds through my chest as I digest a daily dose of your archives. In a few days, I will have read the entire lot. I’m writing to simply thank you for inspiring me to evaluate and make changes in my life. You’ve given me a lot to think about. I do identify with the people and places you profile and promote. I think it’s wonderful and it “feels right” to be doing this at this point in my life. In many ways, this transition is as much about seeking to find a place that makes it comfortable to be myself. Thank you and continued success!” Kind regards,
Markus, Calgary, Canada

“I really enjoy your weblog and I stop by your site almost every day.”
Eric Fredericks, Walkable Neighborhoods, Sacramento CA

“Just a quick note to say that I’m an avid reader of your website. It’s fantastic; I always find new, interesting things.”
Christopher Joel Timmerman

“Thrilled to find your website, it is a wealth of information. I am thrilled to know that as a creative looking for a livable city, there are options. This process just has me so energized, about the hope and future of where we are going and the potential to be a part of something great.”
Victoria Carlson, Chicago IL

“The CoolTown membership has been extremely informative and useful (and entertaining). I have passed around the website and information to all of my neighborhood planning groups and business district revitalization teams, as well as colleagues. Keep up the excellent work!”
Melissa Wittstruck, City of Spokane

“Finally a voice for the emerging market! I really appreciate the newsletter and the perspectives that apply to the post baby boom crowd. The insights and research are rapid, short, concise and applicable to us town builders who desire to innovate our neighborhoods.”
Bruno Bottarelli, Institutional Investor

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