Apartment Therapy Fall Colors ’08 winners

It’s that time of year again, to profile the apartments that best invigorate their homes through color, in Apartment Therapy’s annual Fall Colors Contest.

Shown here are the ‘Final Four‘ contestants, using kitchens for comparison. Here’s the inspiration and color tips from each of them:

The East (top image) – “After living with white walls for one year we painted a bedroom wall red and quickly realized the rest of the house needed color. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors that make a statement.”

The Southwest (middle image) – “Given this was our first home, we were very excited to experiment with different colors throughout the house. Paint is not permanent so don’t be afraid to go bold!”

The Northwest (lower image) – “Color makes us smile when we walk through our front door. Do not be afraid to mix colors, patterns and textures. Combine new, antique, Modern, retro and classic pieces all together. Use all the things that you have collected, been gifted, and that remind you of where you have been and inspire your future.”

The winner, representing the Midwest, shown to the left. His inspiration and tip: “I am constantly inspired by fashion, music, art, literature and anything that creates a story either mentally or visually. Put together a scheme you love and find a room to put it in.”

Check out photos of the Fall Color winners in 2007 and 2006.

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