Wine bar meets wine store

Only those that adapt to change will survive, and restaurants are no different. Understanding what creatives want is key to figuring out what that means.

The want experiences, not just products and services. The want authentic and local. They want urban convenience, and they want multiple senses evoked.

While not targeting creatives per se, the Press Club in San Francisco looks to provide just that. Eight local vineyards each have their own dedicated tasting station in a wine bar setting, with representatives from each company as your server. Customers can choose any wine they prefer, as you’d expect at a bar, and bottles are for sale, as in a store.

How can such a place be more suited to creatives? For starters, by not being attached to the Four Seasons! Such a concept can be located anywhere there’s a concentration of wine lovers, and it doesn’t have to be eight stations – even one would work. The wine companies being represented should rotate to introduce people to new tastes, and to give them a firsthand account from the people who make them. Naturally, it’s an effective way for unknown wine producers to find new fans. Instead of art opening receptions, you could have wine release receptions.

How would you run such a business? Comment below!

Thanks to Springwise for the reference.

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