Hotel’s unique rooms located throughout a city

One way to more deeply experience a city is to spend time in its cultural niches. Well, the Pixel Hotel in Linz, Austria is taking that to heart, with its six entirely iconoclastic rooms distributed throughout the city.

Pixel on the water: Get to know the city industrial area on a 1955 tugboat via three original restored cabins that create a suite for two.
Pixel in court: Within the museum district a former cabinetmaker’s workshop is now a 1000 s.f. modern loft space with a ‘60s-vintage camping trailer as living room with freight elevator as walk-in closet.
Pixel with garden: A working-class flat and a storefront features a private garden, and the flat-turned-bedroom-and-bathroom hosts a sound & image that retells the neighborhood’s classic working class history.
Pixel in the textilpassage: An architectural art piece unto itself, situated adjacent to an art gallery in the city’s historic neighborhood.
Pixel in der Galerie: If you ever wanted to stay in an art gallery, this is it – complete with bed as art piece.
Pixel in der Volksküche: No information, but appears to be a stay in a majestic historic building.

Pixel Hotel is a project of Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture, part ofthe European Capital of Culture program where the European Union designates a city for a period of one calendar year during which it is given a chance to showcase its cultural life and development.

It’s a pricey night’s stay, but there’s no reason why cities can’t offer both similar high end and lower cost versions of the Pixel.

Photos of Pixel Hotel scenes by linznullneun

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