A Carnival of Ideas’ office space

Today’s entry is brought to you by social engagement designer Brian Corrigan of the soon-to-be MobFuse, a social engagement design agency.

“We all want to have fun at work and studies show that when we are having fun, we get more done. So what if someone designed an office like a carnival: fun, colorful and lots of cool signage.

Well, it has finally been done. M Moser Associates designed the space, “A Carnival of Ideas”, for Ogilvy & Mather’s new Guangzhou office in China. The office was relocated from a prime CBD building to a developing natural cultural district that enjoys killer views of the historical Sha Mian district across the Pearl River.

China is experiencing a surge in creatively designed interiors for corporate workspaces. “The concept of workplace as a strategic tool to support business goals is a new one in China, but it’s definitely becoming a recognized trend here”. Says Wendy Leung, Director at M Moser Associates, “A well designed workplace is an invaluable asset in showing to the outside world who you are and in bringing the best out of your own people.” The office has been selected as one of the recipients of the third anual China’s Most Successful Design Award 2008, sponsored by FORTUNE china magazine and China Bridge International.

Being a creative, I would die to work in that space, especially if it included having the balloon and dart game next to my desk. What are other inspiring ideas for work space? Think big and comment below.”

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