Create your own drinks at Amsterdam bar

There’s the fun of cooking up your own hot-off-the-grill meals at a hot pot restaurant and pulling your own pint of beer at your personal table, now there’s serve and mix your own drinks at the MiNiBAR in Amsterdam.

Walk right in and the concierge will hand you a key (and ice bucket) to one of 45 personal drink fridges. The choices are plentiful, from beers and wines to soft drinks, juices and liquors. Each fridge has an assigned inventory, so you get charged by what you use.

Ok, so the first thought a few people may have is the loss of human connection by the server. The server is still there to take orders for menu items from the kitchen, but it’s really not fair to compare. The thing is, the social creativity that’s gained among their friends is what people are paying for. What better way to experiment with creating new drinks or learning about old favorites from your friends than to have a repertoire of ingredients in a vibrant social setting? Social creativity in a bar – who would have thought?

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