Best beer in America’ by state

The happy hour is one of the key regular experiences of a third place that helps elicit a sense of community, so it may be of interest to understand where one can find the best staples of these social get togethers – beer, based on award-winning brews. This is quite possibly where sociability, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit best mix, at least when in comes to beer and/or happy hours…

Those top states, adjusted for population based on medals per million residents, are:

1. Colorado – 64.4
2. Oregon – 42.5 (Portland apparently has more microbreweries per capita than any U.S. city)
3. Wisconsin – 38.6
4. Washington – 16.2
5. Missouri – 15
6. Pennsylvania – 13.5
7. Massachusetts – 12.6
8. California – 12.8
9. Texas – 5.6
10. New York – 5.1

Notice that most of these states fall near borders, which spurs innovation simply by having access to a greater pool of talent. Of course the one major exception being Colorado, an increasingly popular destination for creatives because of its progressive, adventurous nature.

Click here for a map (above) that you can actually read. Read more at GABF Medals: A Few States and Breweries Are Almost Sure Bets.

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