A different kind of organic bar

One of the best technical descriptions for the kind of district or neighborhood that attracts creatives is the natural cultural district. These are retail and entertainment zones that grow organically. One destination in the Philippines takes that to heart literally, and is an inspiring example of when creativity meets business effectively.

The Z-Bar, a tapas lounge on the second floor of The Tinderbox Restaurant, located in Banilad, Cebu City (pop. 800,000, metro pop. 2 million), in the Philippines, is the result of what happens when a designer, Kenneth Cobonpue is allowed to expand the design of his organic bamboo branch and rattan furniture motif into an entire interior. The lighted onyx floor further provides a humanistic glow, as if you’re present inside a living organism.

To see more photos, go here, and to see more examples (though not quite as organic) of creativity fusing with business in placemaking, check out the categories retail venue development and third places on this site.

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