CoolTown trends – early fall 2009

Here’s a wrap-up of the latest news and trends that are signaling a shift to a more creative culture and economy…

Cities are starting to go green by the district rather than just by buildings…
Cities are now looking at going beyond green building standards and focusing on green district standards, starting with eco-district plans in Portland, Oregon; climate benefit districts in Seattle, and eco blocks in China. Green at City Scale in Governing Magazine.

…making way for a New American Dream that focuses on downsizing and renting…
People are looking to rent smaller homes they can afford rather than buying larger commute-dependent homes they can’t, using the savings from downsizing (and driving less) to invest in possibly more creative pursuits like starting their own businesses in more urban areas.The New American Dream: Renting in the Wall Street Journal. See previous CoolTown entry here.
Smaller rowhouses are becoming more popular in Chicago (Meet the modern rowhouse) while the City of Los Angeles is legislating smaller lots for smaller homes (Small lots, big deal).

…with restaurants downsizing as well…
“Everyone is going smaller, more efficient, lots of good value,” Barry Goldstein, a lawyer who handles restaurant deals. The number of restaurants is holding steady, it’s just their size that’s decreasing, with less frills, lower prices and greater emphasis on the bar to keep customers longer. Dining Out: Vast, ritzy out; cozy, modest in

…and people getting ready to downsize themselves as biking becomes increasingly popular.
450 bikes at 40 locations are coming to Dublin, Ireland, following the lead of Paris, Barcelona and a number of European cities. However, the main complaint is it’s not ambitious enough (Paris has 20,000 bikes). Link.

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