In progress: Creative coworking space

Today’s ‘Crowdsourced placemaking in progress’: Creative coworking space is brought to you by the people behind the Artisphere, a 55,000 s.f. ‘arts space for everyone’ located in Rosslyn, Arlington County, Virginia. Think ‘arts center on steroids.’

Within the Artisphere, the CoZone (future crowdsourcing website coming soon) will be a smallish but rather prolific coworking space that will be crowdsourced. The opening, along with the Artisphere, is scheduled for 10/10/10 (clever marketing huh?)

Here’s the proposed program, inviting anyone to comment here before it’s implemented in mid-April:

500 s.f. of core shared working space, with access to a separate conference room, additional individual workspaces and casual meeting areas. The details below are subject to change.

– Working areas include facing desks (no dividers), bar seating, communal table, ‘comfy chairs’ (floor plan to come).
– Intended for individuals most committed to enhancing the region’s creative culture and economy, especially collaboratively with members and the larger creative community.
– $350 a month for full-time desk membership, $175 for drop-in membership. Mix of memberships will be determined based on demand.
– Part of the monthly fee is reinvested to participating members of CoZone for collaborative projects that enhance the region’s creative culture and economy. More details below.**
– Initial member selection will be crowdsourced. Applicants will be reviewed by the public with the top 20 or 30 being identified through views and ratings, from which Artisphere staff will then choose the members.
– Full-time members need to re-apply every 2-3 years. Perhaps 2 years, with a one-year extension.
– Tentative May 1 date to have people begin submitting their applications via the CoZone crowdsourcing review site, answering two questions such as: Why do you want to be a member of the CoZone, and What is your interest in collaborating with fellow CoZone creatives to enhance the region’s creative culture and economy. The public will simultaneously be allowed to view and rate these submissions, so the sooner you submit, the better your chances.
– Tentative June 30 date when the public process ends and the Artisphere staff will determine the members, alternates, and full-time/drop-in mix.

**The budget for reinvesting into CoZone collaborative creative projects is based on how many full-time members ($350/mo.) agree to participate in the collaborative project, where CoZone provides $150/per participating member. So, 6 full-time members agreeing to collaborate on a creative project will be provided a $900 budget. This may or may not involve top ideas from the crowd. If it benefits Artisphere and/or involves the top ideas from the crowd, the budget may be matched by the Artisphere (ie $900 + $900 = $1800 total budget).

The preview video for the Artisphere from early 2009 is below:

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