GOOD’s neighborhood guide for 2010

GOOD Magazine went all out in their 2010 Neighborhoods Issue with well over 30 short articles (with nifty illustrations) on redefining what our neighborhoods may mean to us in a more creative, diverse, connected world.

The stated purpose of the issue? “To fight homogeneity and think of creative ways to preserve or recapture our unique communities.”

Here are some highlights of the many intriguing reads:

– The magazine’s own vision of the perfect neighborhood, by providing a signature event, third places, public spaces, human scale, an anchor institution and diversity.
Examples of local specialties that make a neighborhood unique, though maybe we’re ready for a new generation of these that are more triple bottom line.
A neighborhood investment fund for recipients like a bike shop, a nightclub, and even local schools. A precursor to neighborhood crowdfunding.
– Where did the Mission District and Greenwich Village get their names? Find out here.
A neighborhood bartering community via the web app Bright Neighbor.
An interview with Richard Florida on what makes a great neighborhood.
Great neighborhood street art. Check out what one neighborhood did to communicate how safe it already was.
Expanding a program ensuring every single child on that block succeeded to 97 blocks, and now to other cities. Harlem Children’s Zone.
Some great neighborhoods from around the world.
A look at how to bring 100,000 new residents to a 120,000-employee commercial district.

Guides on how to connect with the people around you: (>full list)
How to start a community garden. This is becoming all the rage among city dwellers, and not because it’s trendy. Now we just need a program/web app to help people start their own.
How to throw a block party. Check out one of the most effective ones ever here.
How to meet your neighbors without seeming like a crazy person. Crowdsource a third place!
How to join in on cohousing. Better yet, crowdsource your own residential community.
How to participate online. The example they provide won’t be ready for only a few select cities until 2011, but start your own social network or crowdsourcing community immediately!
How to create a local clubhouse. Works well if you can find a sponsor…
How to be a good regular (at your third place).

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