“Vanilla Not a Flavor of Gen Xers”

Nation’s Building News: Vanilla Not a Favorite Flavor of Generation X Home Buyers

Marketing service consultants and architects summarize their research on what Gen X is looking for in their communities.

Family: “Family” includes close friends, a commitment to fewer divorces and more participation in raising their kids. Neighborhood-oriented playgrounds, schools and daycare are prioritized.

Neighbors: Friends, not foes. Sense of community, but without loss of individuality. See “age of I”. Xers are seeking more amenities that foster such comraderie – sidewalks, parks, community centers.

Technology: Friend, not foe. Xers aren’t intimidated by programming the VCR, they’ve moved on to TiVo and internet TV. Bring on the town-wide high-speed internet and house-wide wireless music system.

Diversity: The more diversity the better. This is also evidenced in a growing movement toward children of mixed races and ethnic heritages – the Tiger Woods, Norah Jones of tomorrow. According to studies by economist Richard Florida, diversity breeds serious job growth.

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