The Long Tail’ real estate developer/investor (3 of 4)

Understanding The Long Tail, the way it’s evolving our economy, and its applications to real estate, what would be the real estate developer/investor equivalent of an Amazon, Google/YouTube, eBay, Netflix? What’s the big deal? Millions of people don’t just use these companies’ services, they’re passionate about them. When’s the last time anyone said that about Kodak, GM or Kmart?

As you know, all of these companies invest in ‘a full line of products’ that appeal to what individuals really want for themselves. Behind the scenes, there’s a sophisticated Content Management System** (CMS) for online content or Supply Chain Management System (SCM) for physical product. In front of the scenes, the customer gets exactly what they want.

The next gen real estate developer/investor will utilize such a system. If they refuse, they will be the last ones, and they can be rest assured no customer will associate the word ‘passionate’ with their products. This ‘Long Tail’-based system does not discriminate whether the profit margin is small or large, just the fact that it’s delivering what the customer wants at a profit. If there’s anything to take away from the ‘why’ behind this, it’s this: Small-profit items leverage large-profit items, and vice versa. Yesterday on Amazon you were buying books – today you’re buying books and half the things on your shopping list.

**One ongoing CoolTown Studios ‘production’ is a Content Management System (CMS) and Supply Chain Management System (SCM) for both developers and cities. We assure you won’t regret being among the first to implement them, if passionate customers are a priority.

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