Signs of a shift to a more sustainable creative economy

Who would have thought we’d be seeing ads like these from Fortune 500 companies envisioning a more sustainable, yet creative culture and economy?…

“Remember the Joneses and all their stuff? And how people were always trying to keep up? Well some of us woke up instead. We no longer want big and flashy. We want real, true and honest.”

[Through recessions…]”…people start enjoying the small things in life. A home-cooked meal. Time with loved ones. Appreciating the things we do have, the things we can count on. It’s back to basics.”

Or from an oil company, “I will unplug things more”, “I will use less energy”, “I will leave the car at home more.”

The funny thing is, the culture and economy these ads are describing reflect the values of creatives, and the creative economy they’re manifesting. Smaller homes in cities, hybrids and smaller cars or none at all, a green lifestyle, a social network of friends that’s a greater source of entertainment than anything bought at Best Buy…

The question may be, “But if they aren’t spending money on stuff, how will the economy sustain itself?” That’s why you should learn more about The Experience Economy.

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