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In the news: Seattle vs. Cleveland: And the winner is…: Seattle. Yawn. Brain-Gain Cities Attract Educated Young (Washington Post cover story) By
Investing in ‘Entrepreneur Villages: The Conflict: Visionary municipalities have an overriding interest in improving their quality
Gazelles + Economic Gardening = Prosperity: Gazelles: There are two kinds of entrepreneurs – the ones that do
Some rather hip mayors…: The image to the left is the Wynkoop brewpub in Lower Downtown
Why are entrepreneurs important to cities?: Entrepreneurs create jobs. Just about every Fortune 500 company has a story
Ah, to be an entrepreneur: Entrepreneur: A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a
The CoolTown ‘workplace resort village: The image above is a hint at what a CoolTown workplace resort
Investing in local retail: If you’ve been tracking the local vs. national retail economic impact numbers,
Buying in your local community: If you believe that what goes around comes around, you may think
Do businesses believe in CoolTowns?: Continuing this week’s focus on the CoolTown Program… Do businesses believe in
Got Talent?: Continuing this week’s focus on the CoolTown Program… Why isn’t my city
Investing in comeback cities: While the San Franciscos, Austins and Iowa City’s continue to prosper on
Jobs follow talent, not vice versa: Look at the image above… to an employer, that’s a potential gold
The Experience Economy: We’ve gone from an agricultural economy, to manufactured goods, to services. What’s
Investing in a local economy: Here’s where CoolTown-oriented institutional investors are putting their capital to create sustainable
CoolTown guilds: I foresee the economies of future CoolTowns run through guilds, loosely defined
Communities of Commerce: A business is only as good as its strategy, leadership and talent
Can a CoolTown help create jobs?: Yes, yes, yes. To create jobs, CoolTowns focus on the intersection of
When everyone else is on their morning commute…: This week’s blog focuses on jobs and worklife, ending with what our
Distance learning will help the small to trump the big: Small businesses can’t compete financially with larger corporations, but the can move
Want a prosperous town fast?: Combine affordability and great design. Prosperity comes from jobs. Jobs come from