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Rightsizing, not downsizing, is what the next gen is about: While ‘one size fits all’ may have been the mass production model
Hilo, HI: First crowdsourced placemaking municipality: Crowdsourced placemaking had been a private sector sponsored success in Bristol, CT,
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Pop-up placemaking and next gen urban neighborhoods: ‘Popups’ are short-term experiences that provide the freedom to experiment with projects
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What is triple-bottom-line real estate development?: Many of us know that the triple bottom line means “people, planet
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Creating nature with an urban village in Seattle: This is apparently Seattle’s first transit-oriented development (TOD). If it gets better
Universities finally building urban villages… on campus: Most students at university campuses either don’t need to drive, don’t need
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“Active Design” prioritizes health in designing cities: Because of its sheer density, it’s not surprising New York City is